About Us

FitMoms IN THE CITY was started by 2 bff FitMoms who currently live in NYC.  They were constantly surfing the web looking for one site with information to help KEEP THEIR LIVES IN SHAPE.  Where should they work out? What’s the hot new workout?  Is it worth the money?  What to eat? What to feed their kids? Where to eat?  Is a restaurant good for date-night or family friendly? Where to shop? What stores carry what foods and for the best price? Is a cleanse a good idea?  What cleaning products to use, are they toxic or organic? Where to get nails done, hair done –  should kids come or not? Where to vacation? What are fit family friendly activities to do?  How to keep themselves, their husbands and their kids happy, healthy and FIT while still looking cute? They could not find it so they created it….welcome to FitMomS IN THE CITY!

Between them they have 2 husbands, 3 kids, 1 dog, 1 cat, 1 hampster, 2 fish and 1 snail.

~ xx l and j

FitMom contributors…

Fitness Expert…Mommy Ninja….Stacey Griffith

Our beauty expert…Jason Ascher from Barneys NY

Our hair expert…Valerie Velez

NY Contributing Psychologist…Dr. Camilla Mager (www.camillamager.com).

The WC…Emily

Atlanta…Victoria and Karen

LA…L and J
Sam/Website Muscle…computer guy. www.websitemuscle.com

and of course…NYC
L and J

FitKidz in the city
Z N and N

FitDads in the city
D and N and Larry

We appreciate all of our FitMoms in the city contributors and readers!!
XOXO L and J