Scribble with Your Kids

Scribble Press has been very important to me and my family over these past couple of years. Not only have we had birthday parties here, we have made countless books as presents (and just for ourselves) and had millions of bad weather playdates here!

What is Scribble Press you may ask? It is a place where you and your kids can literally write and publish your own book! First, they give you blank sheets of  lined paper, then your child can write about whatever he/she wants – and within a few hours they give you back a “published” hardcover version of  the book. It even has an author picture on the back with a mini bio written by your child.  Another great thing they offer is a “coffee table” book of your kids’ art/written work from the school year. (Important note: size of the artwork does not matter.  No size is too large or too small…I am still kicking myself that I did not know this info when I had my sons book done last year and I did not bring in a HUGE project he had done for the first 100 days of school!)   With the end of the school year quickly approaching  I have been getting this years work together together for a new version. We made one last year and we still have it on our coffee table today! You simply bring them your child’s work, they scan it and hand you the best coffee table book you could ever ask for! Enjoy the fun at 1624  First Avenue or 217 west 84th street.

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  1. monicanaomi May 25, 2012 at 8:50 am #

    These books are fun to make and a no-brainer idea for gifts, and delightful to have in your home.

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